Lines And Circles

It has been a Summer of great highs and tremendous lows. The result has been a huge burst of creativity and realization.

ImageLife itself is full of so many parallel lines. We all walk our own individual paths and we occasionally come across another walking along their own path. You may cross paths, you may avoid crossing paths or you may decide to walk along with another sharing the same path. 

In this new large wall piece entitled ‘Power Struggle’ I try to communicate the idea of a relationship between two people – How there can be a off kilter balance of power – How there can be many similarities, desires, interests, colors and textures. The Two try to form all of this into a neatly described, contained unit. This unit is often fragile and is comprised of many elements of our individual pasts. The Two do the best they know how to create parallel paths.

ImageThe history of these paths are most poignantly represented in the growth rings of trees. I have long been fascinated by their graphic representation. A new smaller wall panel I am currently working on uses cross sections of cut wood scrap showing beautifully the elegance of these historical circles. Presented in cut blocks and contained with a framework, this pieces represents our never-ending desire to label and compartmentalize life and it’s many abstractions.

This new work can be seen at All City Coffee/Art in Georgetown, Seattle.