Growing up in Kansas, I am deeply influenced by the forces of nature and the passage of time. There were always powers at work greater than what I could see around me.
Images of my grandparents’ farm, windmills and wheat fields with deteriorating buildings guide my work and choice of materials.
Other profound influences and inspirations include pop culture, graphic design, folk art, nature, dreams, communication, joy and despair.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful work Mike! We actually went to school together in Kansas – very impressed with what you’ve done!

  2. Thank you ABC, and yes absolutely man. Cool project and I’ll get to hang out with you.

  3. Excellent site!~ But of course, I’m two years past the opening date…
    Not sure, but would you be interested in working with me on an “integrated base” for that monstrous marble sculpture??

  4. I love your sculpture work. And your carvings are very impressive too. I do not have funding to pay for a mural, but I have funds to pay for paint. Would you be interested in painting the front of a building in White Center that is currently closed up and it now gets graffiti all the time. If you would paint several images of our raven across the front with your name signed, it would be wonderful. It is located at 9811 17th Ave. SW in White Center. Please email me.

    Mark Ufkes, President – White Center Chamber of Commerce markufkes@comcast.net (206) 595-7124

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