New Year – New Work

As 2013 came to a close, I started to visualize what I wanted for the new year. Among all the usual things – good health, good friends, more play time with my dogs – was a clear vision of doing more reclaimed wood wall installations. In particular, I saw doing more residential work. As they say, careful what you wish for!

I have been fortunate to be able to start of the year with two new residential commissions. I just completed the first yesterday in a home in Everett, WA. The project was a bit different from my recent work in that it was all made with new Hemlock picked by the client, and also in the design. The end result is much more design and less folk, however it still evokes the feeling of an old farm building.

The wall was painted bright red before installing any wood, so that there would be glimpses of color between the boards. It is a great compliment to the warm glow of the Hemlock.

Hemlock wall with red background


The second client request a wall more along the lines of my Youngstown Flats installation for their craftsman home on Capitol Hill, just a bit smaller scale! This one is not quite finished yet, but here is a peek at the progress so far.